Thursday, March 3, 2011

About the 100 Thing Challenge | A Guy Named Dave

Just because I have my own blog doesn't mean I've stopped reading others. Here's a fun experiment to find out what really matters. Even if you don't actually limit yourself to 100 things. Could you identify the 100 things you can't live without. We are not talking about being on a desert island and you have to eat and such. This is more if you moved to a 500 sq. ft. apartment and had no storage, what would you need day-to-day.

Once you get to that point, could you be happy living a minimalist lifestyle? Don't ask me, I've never tried, and as long as there is a TJ Maxx near me, I may never succeed, but it's an interesting concept and one I'm going to give a whirl. What the hey, we'll call it my Lenten goal.
About the 100 Thing Challenge A Guy Named Dave

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